Dating Advice For Men

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A lot of brothers out there who have just started dating or are about to plunge in the dating world have no idea on the dos and donts of dating. This article seeks to offer dating advice for men and how they should carry themselves while dating.

Top on the list for men on the dating scene is to have some confidence. This applies mostly on the first date. Women will need to feel they are with a bold man who will not shy away from stating his desires and have the nerve to chase after what he wants. Confidence is derived mainly from a firm eye contact, which further fosters the understanding between a man and his date.

As a man, you owe it yourself to remain casual and be as yourself as possible. It is very disheartening to see a man try to force a character they do not have or try to hold a conversation on topics of no interest to a woman.
Before approaching a lady for dating or even a relationship, it is very important to ask yourself what you want in that relationship. This will give you a rough idea of the kind of person you want to date and thus make the dating process a bit simpler.

Another priceless dating advice for men is to have places you are familiar with as dating venues. It does not augur well for a man to get lost with his date in tow. Avoid the embarrassment and frequent joints that you are conversant with.

Preparation is key. Make sure that shirt is well ironed, the wallet is loaded and the gas tank is full. Talk yourself silly on that mirror and practice the things you plan to tell her. This boosts your confidence and shows your date that you have a clue on what you are doing. Ensure that first impression is a lasting one.
Communication is essential when it comes to dating. Make sure you converse with your date on areas of common interest just to keep them interested in the date and avoid the unnecessary creeping in of boredom.

Discard the notion that men are liars and adopt the policy of honesty. This means you will not need to lie to cover up on your other lies. However, you should be cautious so as not to be too revealing since some areas are no-go zones. After all, telling little truths is better than lying.

Being a man, it would help immensely to obtain a second opinion on your date, what to wear, which restaurants to go to etc. preferably from a female friend. This boosts a man’s confidence or kills his interest on the date depending on the counsel one gets.

As you continue dating or being in a relationship, you should carry out random checks to test the chemistry levels in your relationship. You can try to kiss your date in public and see how they react. If they step away or are receptive, you can make a conclusion from there yourself.

Lastly, it is up to you as a man to remain a gentleman. Get to the date venue early, offer to foot the bill, pull her chair for goodness sake. A little courtesy surely goes a long way in making that impression.